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Where Can I Go For Reliable Cadillac Recall
Information and Service?

Spitzer Cadillac DuBois

Why Service Your Vehicle at Spitzer Cadillac DuBois

When you’ve invested in a luxurious Cadillac, staying up to date on your vehicle service helps protect your investment. At Spitzer Cadillac DuBois, our factory-trained and certified service technicians are experts at Cadillac maintenance and repairs. They take care of everything from routine oil changes and tire rotations to powertrain and drivetrain repairs.

As a full-service Cadillac dealership, our goal is to provide outstanding sales, financing, and maintenance. To make your ownership convenient and stress-free, we offer online service scheduling, coupons and discounts for parts and service, and complete Cadillac recall information.

Benefits & Importance of Recall Services

Along with providing outstanding customer service, we are dedicated to safety. When Cadillac issues a recall, we want our owners to know about it and to take care of the problem as soon as possible at their convenience. Whether you have a Cadillac cue screen recall or a Cadillac airbag recall, our service technicians can fix the problem.

A benefit of our recall services involves the cost of repairs. All recall services are free of charge to Cadillac owners. The automaker sends technical service bulletins to the dealerships so the technicians and service advisors know what needs to be done. When you bring your Cadillac in for the Cadillac heated seat recall, our service advisors will inspect the seat heaters to determine if your vehicle has the problematic parts. The technicians will replace the parts with new genuine OEM General Motors parts for the proper fit in your Cadillac and your peace of mind.

Another benefit of our recall services at Spitzer Cadillac DuBois is our dedication to safety. The goal of all recall services is to decrease the risk of injury while drivers are on the road. While some of the issues, like the Cadillac Cue Screen Recall, don’t involve safety, they do help drivers stay informed through the Cue System Infotainment Screens. When they have a spider web of cracks, drivers need more time to read the information on the screen. Our technicians can replace the screens and improve your safety on the road.

Why Vehicles Have Recalls

To ensure that vehicles are safe, several organizations routinely check the features through crash tests and other tests. If a safety organization, like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, discovers a problem, they will issue a recall. Some recall issues arise as the result of class-action lawsuits against automakers.

If the recall involves a key feature – like an airbag or drivetrain feature, the automaker sends notifications to every registered owner. When the problem is minor, the NHTSA leaves it up to the dealerships and vehicle owners to take responsibility for the recall repair.

Once a recall has been issued, vehicle owners should take care of the problem as soon as possible. To make recall service convenient, Cadillac owners can schedule the repairs through our online service scheduling app.

Learning About Recall Services

Depending on the recall, General Motors will send notices to registered owners. If you receive a Cadillac recall notice in the mail, we invite you to visit our website to schedule a recall appointment through our online scheduling app.

When you visit Spitzer Cadillac DuBois for routine maintenance like oil changes and brake service, our service advisors can help you with Cadillac recalls. They can check your VIN against the national database. If they find a recall notice, they can help you schedule service for your Cadillac Escalade or Cadillac SRX. Ignoring the recall notice could increase the risk of an accident while on the road, especially if the recall involves something as important as the rear suspension, roof-rail airbags, or other drivetrain or safety features.

Why Visit Spitzer Cadillac DuBois for Cadillac Recall Services

At Spitzer Cadillac DuBois in DuBois, Pennsylvania, our goal is your complete satisfaction. When you choose our service center for routine maintenance, repairs, and recall services, our service advisors build your vehicle’s history report, which adds to the value of your Cadillac when you choose to sell it or trade it in.

Our dedication to customer service includes our convenient pick-up and delivery service. Our trustworthy drivers will deliver a loaner vehicle to you, then take your Cadillac to our service center for repairs and maintenance. When our technicians complete the repairs, the driver will return your Cadillac to you. We offer this service through our online scheduling app to make your Cadillac ownership stress-free.

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