How To Check Your Vehicle’s Tire Condition

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Welcome To Our Cadillac Service Center
When it comes to maintaining your luxury SUV or sedan, count on the team at Spitzer Cadillac, formerly Johnson Cadillac. We are pleased to host a state-of-the-art service center with certified technicians and a full menu of auto repair services, including tire service and tire replacement service.

Your wheels keep your vehicle moving, so the quality of your tires matters. That’s why the team at our Cadillac service center is here to help you check your vehicle’s tire condition and perform thorough inspections of the tread with our tire service. Keep your vehicle moving at maximum speeds with smooth handling when stopping in for tire service or tire replacement service at our Cadillac service center.

The Importance Of Checking Tire Condition
Your luxury vehicle from Spitzer Cadillac, formerly Johnson Cadillac, features high-performing tires; however, over time, wear and tear can impact the tread. Without regular tire service, you may experience issues on the road that can be both major and minor. An overloaded tire can lead to a blowout, poor handling and reduced fuel efficiency. When your tires are overinflated, it’s also possible to notice unusual wear and damage.

Most vehicles include a tire pressure monitoring system that indicates when the tire condition is not ideal. Stop in at our Cadillac service center for tire service and learn more about your options for a tire replacement if needed.

How To Check Tire Condition
In addition to noticeable tread when checking the tire condition, there are also other signs that you may need tire service or a tire replacement at our Cadillac service center. The most common indicators can be seen with the naked eye. Inspect the tire condition to unveil three or more lines of worn tread around the tire. If you notice fabric or the tire code showing through the rubber, this could also indicate that you need tire service.

When the sidewall or the tire tread is snagged, cracked or cut, the tire condition is less-than-ideal. Other signs include a bulge or split or a cut or puncture. If you notice any type of deterioration to the tire condition, schedule tire service or a tire replacement at our Cadillac service center.

How To Check The Tire Condition
Beyond visibility looking at your tire condition, you can also check the tread with the penny test. Simply place a penny upside down right in between the tire tread. If the top of Lincoln’s head is visible, this is an indicator that you need a tire replacement or tire service. When stopping in for tire service, our certified technicians can also use advanced technology and a tread depth gauge to further inspect the tire condition.

Schedule Tire Service At Our Cadillac Service Center
Avoid getting stranded when your wheels are in a less-than-stellar tire condition. Low air pressure can lead to serious problems on the road. Trust in the expertise of the certified technicians at our Cadillac service center to perform tire service and tire replacements. We have a premium collection of tires to choose from, as well as monthly service specials to help you save on tire service. Schedule tire service online today or contact the team at our Cadillac service center.

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