Check Engine Light Service

My Check Engine Light Is On! What Do I Do?

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Check Engine Light Service at Spitzer Autoworld DuBois Cadillac

Your Cadillac’s check engine light is your vehicle’s way of telling you that something is amiss with your engine. Because there are hundreds of components that can illuminate this single check engine light, it’s important to bring your vehicle in to our professionals as soon as possible to prevent additional damage.

Here at Spitzer Autoworld DuBois Cadillac, we welcome you to bring your vehicle to our experts at the first sign of trouble. Not only are our technicians ASE Certified and highly trained to diagnose and repair your vehicle, each of our technicians use genuine Cadillac replacement parts to ensure that your vehicle maintains the performance and dependability that it was designed to return.

Come with us as we talk about the check engine light and what to do if yours ever comes on.

Why Would My Check Engine Light On?

Your check engine light can illuminate for a multitude of reasons – from minor malfunctions like a faulty oxygen sensor or a loose gas cap to major engine failures like a blown head gasket or a failed transmission. While every check engine light should be taken seriously, your vehicle has a way of telling you that certain faults are emergencies.

Solid Check Engine Light – This could be anything from a failed water pump to something minor like a loose gas cap. A solid check engine light may result in little to no loss in engine performance. Since there’s no telling exactly what component has failed or malfunctioned without a professional diagnosis, it’s best to bring your vehicle in for service at your earliest convenience.

Flashing Check Engine Light – A flashing check engine light is a sign of a mechanical emergency that requires your immediate attention. If your check engine light is flashing, you may notice a significant decrease in engine performance, and should see our professionals immediately to prevent significant engine damage.

What Do You Do If Your Check Engine Light Comes On?

Schedule service for service as soon as possible when your check engine light comes on to prevent more potential damage from occurring to your engine. While issues like failed oxygen sensors and loose gas caps don’t pose a significant threat to your engine, issues like a failed water pump can cause total destruction of your engine if not handled promptly.

If your check engine light comes on, schedule service today and trust the experts here at Spitzer Autoworld DuBois Cadillac and trust our technicians to get you back on the road!

How Do I Reset My Check Engine Light?

Resetting your check engine light is something our professionals at Spitzer Autoworld DuBois Cadillac can promptly do once your vehicle has been diagnosed and repaired.

Schedule service with Spitzer Autoworld DuBois Cadillac for diagnosis. We’ll be able to detect what’s causing the problem quickly so we can have your vehicle up and running again in no time!

How Do I Prevent a Check Engine Light?

In order to prevent your vehicle from showing a check engine light, you should perform regular maintenance on your car. This includes making sure that your air filter is clean and that the oil is always changed on time.

If a check engine light does come on, it is important to bring your vehicle in to our professionals as soon as possible for diagnosis. Our technicians have all of the tools necessary to repair a variety of problems with your car, including misfires, rough idle, and poor acceleration. Additionally, each technician uses genuine Cadillac parts to ensure that your car will maintain its performance and reliability throughout its lifespan.

Where Do I Go For Service and Repair

If your vehicle has an illuminated Check Engine Light and you’re wondering what to do, look no further than the experts Spitzer Autoworld DuBois Cadillac. Schedule service today and give your vehicle the attention it deserves.

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