Your Preferred Dealership: Spitzer Cadillac The Best Cadillac Lease Specials

Your Preferred Dealership: Spitzer Cadillac

The Best Cadillac Lease Specials

Lease Deals That Were Made For You

Given the rising cost of ownership and how fast new cars lose their value, leasing a Cadillac makes so much sense. If you’re concerned about having all the latest gadgets that a new car has or keeping up with the rapid pace of change in automotive technology, then leasing can be the best way to get into the car of your dreams while paying a lot less than you thought for it.

If you need a trustworthy dealership that has a wide range of vehicles with lease terms that are tailored to meet your requirements for a Cadillac lease in DuBois, we would be happy to discuss which lease would best suit your needs. Come visit us at Spitzer Cadillac, South DuBois, PA, for very detailed information on how we can assist you.

A Tremendous Advantage

Compared to buying a car, leasing offers significant advantages that are hard to overlook. One major benefit of leasing vs. buying is that there’s almost no repair cost when you lease a new vehicle because a new vehicle lease runs for the length of time that the manufacturer’s warranty is still existing. This is unlike buying, where maintenance costs are often higher and may wipe out a good chunk of your savings when the manufacturer’s warranty runs out.

What’s more, leasing offers you more choices when your lease is up, where you can decide to get a more recent model year or newer Cadillac, or even explore the option to purchase the leased Cadillac at the end of the plan. This means an opportunity to upgrade your vehicle more frequently. You don’t get this flexibility when you buy a car. Leasing also involves lower down payments as well as lower monthly payments vs. car buying.

Also, you enjoy the latest advances in vehicle technology and safety innovations when you lease cars, trucks, and SUVs. As well as that, leasing protects you from all the costs and problems aging cars can cause since you don’t have to keep a car that long.

Brand new Cadillac keys being handed over to the new owner

Get a Great Deal on Your Lease

If you’re looking to lease a car in DuBois, PA, you’ll be glad to know that at Spitzer Cadillac you’re getting a vehicle that suits your wants and needs. As part of our attempts to make it easy for you to lease a Cadillac, we waive wear and use charges when you lease a new Cadillac. For this to happen, however, we expect customers to satisfy all obligations under their current lease agreement. Customers may not qualify if they fail to meet our expectations and agreements.

We will also allow you to keep the Cadillac you’re currently leasing at a predetermined purchase option price if you so desire. As well as that, you can choose the term and mileage that best fit your lifestyle and needs.

When Your Lifestyle Changes, We Give You the Freedom to Change Things

If you like to stay on top of new features, technology, and your auto maintenance, you’ll find our extensive lineup of new, used, and pre-owned vehicles and service center to be beneficial. Our large inventory of new and used Cadillac vehicles gives you the freedom to choose the exact model you need without compromise. We also have certified technicians who are always willing to assist you with your auto repairs and maintenance.

Should you happen to require financing or assistance with the payment process, our finance experts will always be in hand to help. We help customers finance through GM Financial. For drivers who may need a Cadillac lease near DuBois, we’ll be more than happy to help you accomplish this goal and even assist with your retail delivery using your contact information.

Take Advantage of Our Cadillac Lease Specials

Whether you plan to lease or buy a car outright, you’ll find the choices that are right for you at Spitzer Cadillac, South DuBois, PA, where we offer lease services that will benefit you significantly.

Please visit us today to test-drive our latest Cadillac models and experience what a truly exceptional vehicle sale process can be.

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