What Is Cadillac Connected Services?

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Explore All-New Connectivity With Cadillac Connected Services
Spitzer Cadillac, formerly Johnson Cadillac, is pleased to offer an exceptional collection of new luxury sedans and SUVs. Our lineup of new Cadillac models features impressive power, intuitive technology, impeccable style and connectivity beyond compare with Cadillac Connected Services. This service takes ownership to a premium level, providing luxury car owners ultimate convenience.

Learn more about Cadillac Connected Services today when stopping in at Spitzer Cadillac, formerly Johnson Cadillac. Our team is here to showcase the innovative features available with our line of Cadillac SUVs and sedans.

The Benefits Of Cadillac Connected Services
This cutting-edge technology brings connectivity to every drive. Simply put, Cadillac Connected Services gives drivers access to in-cabin apps and connectivity to devices and smartphones. Cadillac Connected Services is an advanced infotainment system that allows you to access Amazon Alexa using voice commands or listen to your favorite podcast from a music streaming app on your cellular device or tablet.

Advanced connectivity helps you to stay productive on the road while also enhancing your daily routine. Don’t miss out on text messages, voicemails, phone calls or even the weather forecast when equipped with Cadillac Connected Services. This service offers in-vehicle apps such as Pandora® or Spotify® and the ability to customize your infotainment and entertainment.

The MyCadillac Mobile App
One major perk of Cadillac Connected Services is your ability to access vehicle information remotely. When downloading the myCadillac mobile app to your smartphone, you can manage or schedule maintenance, share notifications, send remote commands and preset your radio stations.

This intuitive technology also gives drivers the power to remotely start the vehicle and monitor the vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency. It’s convenient and safe to stay up-to-date on your luxury sedan’s reliability.

Premium Connected Features
When purchasing a new luxury sedan or SUV from Spitzer Cadillac, formerly known as Johnson Cadillac, you are automatically enrolled in a two-year trial of Cadillac Connected services. This service goes beyond access to the myCadillac mobile app and in-cabin entertainment.

Cadillac Connected Services also includes two years of OnStar® service, as well as navigation. Remote access is available for two years as well. Drivers also benefit from 10 years of connected access which enables dealer maintenance notifications and vehicle diagnostics. Cadillac Connected Services affords you with 3GB of 4G LTE data to keep your passengers connected for the long haul.

Cloud-Based Technology For An Enhanced Drive
There’s no denying that Cadillac models feature intuitive technology. The Cadillac Connected Services take this initiative to another level. Learn more about how to transform your luxury SUV or sedan into a mobile office and keep your passengers connected to the outside world when stopping in at Spitzer Cadillac, formerly known as Johnson Cadillac.

Our team is eager to showcase the capabilities of Cadillac Connected Services, as well as the impressive style, performance and comfort available in our line of new vehicles. See how we strive to keep you informed and entertained on the road when test driving an all-new vehicle with Cadillac Connected Services.

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