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The Cadillac battery needs to be in proper working order to supply power to your vehicle. Over time, the reserve capacity diminishes, leaving you with dead batteries. When the battery dies, you need quick battery replacement to get back on the road. At Spitzer Cadillac, we offer the repair services needed for your vehicle’s starting and charging systems in DuBois, PA. Check out the latest auto repair offers and schedule your service appointment today.

AAA Approved Automotive Battery Replacement Services

When you visit our car repair facility for battery replacement, you receive a comprehensive bundle of services to ensure your vehicle’s health is optimal. For starters, we provide a battery test and show you the report, so you know the exact amount of starting power the vehicle is receiving. If a new vehicle battery is required, we can supply you with ACDelco lead-acid or AGM batteries, depending on your situation.

Our professional repair shop also ensures that all of the replaced batteries are properly disposed of or recycled. We also supply a warranty with your battery replacement service. Some models are guaranteed for 30 months, while others contain a 42-month warranty. Before you bring your vehicle to us for auto repair, you want to check out the offers we have running. You can often find valuable coupons and discounts for your battery replacement service.

Cadillac Battery Replacement Service Benefits

Your car will still run even if the battery is slightly defective. Only showing a few symptoms, this battery might continue to die without ever being noticed. When this happens, you end up stranded or late for work because of a car that doesn’t start. However, getting the battery checked and replaced regularly, ensures you always have the starting power needed to get where you want to go.

If you think your car battery is starting to die, you can run a few self-checks on it before bringing it to our Service Center. Pay close attention to the headlights and electrical equipment, as they might not be running at full capacity. These systems put a lot of strain on the battery and will often reveal the first signs that something is wrong. Of course, you can always bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop for a battery test if you are in doubt.

How Often Should a Car Battery Be Replaced?

The car battery can last over five years with the right care. However, the majority of automotive batteries last around three years, especially when they are used every day. With every charge, the car battery becomes less efficient until it can no longer hold power. As time goes on, the car battery becomes more unreliable, leaving you to question whether the car will start. Before this happens, it’s best to have a car battery replacement.

If you want to increase the lifespan of your car battery, there are some steps you can take. Avoid taking short trips for starters. The battery recharges from the alternator while the engine is running. If you only drive a mile to the store every day, your battery isn’t receiving the full charge needed to remain in good health. Instead, plan all of your errands for one day and spend more time driving. You could also use a highly-rated battery charger if you don’t spend enough time driving.

Our certified technicians can recommend the right charger to use. When you bring your vehicle to us for maintenance or repair, we can also check on the battery. By ensuring it is properly secured and there is no corrosion, our team will help you keep the automotive battery in optimal working condition.

Trust the Certified Technicians

Sometimes, what seems like a dead battery could be something else completely. An inexperienced technician might swap out the car battery only to find there is still trouble. However, that won’t happen at Spitzer Cadillac. If you recently replaced your car battery and are still having issues, you want to see the certified technicians at our Service Center. We can fully diagnose charging system issues and get you back on the road quickly.

From battery replacement to alternator repair, our team handles it all and we do it while providing you with exceptional customer service. Experience what makes us the leader for auto repair in DuBois, PA. Schedule your service appointment today.

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